I was in high school when I first fell in love with intimate apparel. A mom of a very close friend used to sell bras and panties and we’d help them sell. With the little money I earned, I’d buy matching pieces for me and my sister. I felt confident knowing I look pretty underneath my public high school uniform. I may be the only one who knew, but it made me feel good, and that’s what mattered.  I think my affection for intimates rubbed off on to my friends then that, even now I know they’re still at it. Intimates are a constant topic, what looks good and what feels right.

In UP where I studied BS Clothing Technology, we were asked to make our own corsets in our pattern making class. Our professor asked us to wear the corset without an undergarment so she can check if the fit was right. I loved that project and I beamed with pride when Prof. Ynchausti said mine didn’t need alteration (a rarity then because she was meticulous and could identify a mistake from across the room). Fit was just right, she said. Not enough to merit a smile from her but I was so happy then, I even stayed for a few minutes inside the dressing room just to appreciate how good it looked and how comfortable it felt. I think it was then that I first appreciated the value of getting the proper fit.

In my more than two decades of making wedding dresses, I constantly work hard to perfect the fit of every gown. I always want the gown to move and feel like second skin despite the weight and length. Fit and comfort, of utmost importance. Of course, the designs always pretty, the details enough to make me giddy.

It was early last year when I and two of my high school friends, who are both CT graduates, decided to develop a line of intimate apparel. My friend, Anna Regala-Abadesco who is a retailing expert, noted the absence of a locally-made luxury line. We toyed with the idea over coffee and right then and there we called up Zhet Zerda-Guzman, who has a 15 year history handling high and middle ranged intimates here in Manila. She knows intimate apparel as much as I know my wedding gowns.

From that day on, we haven’t stopped.

Nicole Panganiban, also a good friend from CT and an e-commerce expert later joined us to take charge of the online side of things.

Together, we created visions of women, and I made designs that speak of them.

We developed the samples, chose the right materials and polished the fit, just the way we want it.

Patterns were altered along the way after a series of wear tests, materials were scrapped after several washes.

Every aspect considered, every detail lovingly perfected.

Now, we’re ready.

Io Sono, is our line of intimate apparel made by women, for women, who know the importance of feeling good inside.

Women who value who they are.

Independent and confident with their thoughts.

Strong and fearless with their choices.

Just like you, Io Sono.