Io Sono is turning ONE… I AM turning ONE. We survived, probably, the toughest year, most of us has ever experienced. Yet, we are here, still standing proud and strong! And for me, it feels like our journey has just begun, as we have yet to touch more and more lives!

This world needs empowered women of all ages to move the world forward. Intimate wear and empowerment? Is it connected? I say YES! Hahaha. Wearing quality, beautiful undergarments make you feel special. Wearing something special other people don’t see, make you feel SUPER special! And special people can do things like super heroes. Logical ba? Hahahaha.

The women of Io Sono. Charette, Veluz and Zhet.

The three super special people you see are not the only faces of Io Sono. Behind us are lots of amazing super women (and men) who helped us in our journey. And that also includes all the women who have embraced Io Sono in their lives the past year. We thank them all as we face the next year stronger, better, and brighter.

Looking at our intimate wear with fresh eyes, I am still amazed at the level of quality, Filipino women can bring to the world. Io Sono intimate wear is A-mazing!!! If you haven’t tried it, get one for yourself and you will see what we mean and feel what hundreds of Io Sono women experience every time they wear our products. TRY IT and know our secret! 🙂

– Zhet